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    Cereal Grain Processing Line Structure Strength

    Date:2017-02-22 12:01:42 Writer:

    Cereal Grain Processing Line

    CEREAL GRAIN PROCESSING LINE is the equipment with high degree of automation. In the processing of grain, the cereal grain processing line using frequency is a little much, leading to more wearing and tearing, or a phenomenon of temperature rise. When high temperature phenomenon occurs, we need to solve it, otherwise our cereal grain processing line will be interrupted, which will be a big threat for our production development.


    For cereal grain processing line grinding room temperature which needs for good sealing and lubrication, it may be due to cereal grain processing line lubrication effect is not enough, so the number of friction increase, inevitably resulting in high temperature phenomenon. The reasonable lubrication and sealing can ensure the normal operation of cereal grain processing line. At the same time, good maintenance of cereal grain processing line makes its life longer, saving production costs.


    The improper or long-term using of cereal grain processing line during the processing of corn will result in a corresponding increase in temperature, which is very unfavorable for our production and processing, since the increase in temperature will bring about our productivity efficiency decrease, so we have to increase the number of maintenance. I believe this is what most of the friends do not want to see.


    The main milling machine of the cereal grain processing line is made up by a shaft linked with 4-10 groups of grind sieve material self-loading to the screen surface and suction cooling components. Compared with the existing technology, due to taking the form of the overall compact structure, the space occupation reduced 98%, the material saved 8%, electricity saved 60%, and per kWh can produce out 70 kilograms flour. The flour goes through the magnetic field without any iron, and it has high nutrition value for human health. The cereal grain processing line structure is simple, and the cost of manufacturing cereal grain processing line can be saved 84%. Due to a silencer, the working noise is very small.


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