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    Rice and Grain Processing Equipment Types Conclusion of 2016

    Date:2016-12-22 11:07:17 Writer:

    grain processing equipment

    How time flies! The Christmas of 2016 is coming in several days. During this year, the RICE AND GRAIN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT improve a lot both technology and types. Rich types of rice and grain processing equipment can more and more meet different needs of customers. Today, the editor of Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will concludes the best sold types of rice and grain processing equipment of 2016 so that the buyers can take them for reference to choose most economical machine.


    1. Rice and grain processing equipment’s cleaning equipment:

    Common cleaning machine among rice and grain processing equipment consists of vibrating separator, destoner and magnetic selector. The first one is for separating light impurities from grain material. The second type is for cleaning heavy stone mainly. The last one is to remove metal impurity.


    2. Rice and grain processing equipment’s hulling/Peeling equipment

    For rice, hulling machine is to take off the rice bran; for grain, peeling machine can peel the grain so that the next grinding step proceed well.


    3. Rice and grain processing equipment’s polishing equipment

    Rice polishing machine and grain polishing machine are not same. The rice polishing machine is the last processing step of rice, while grain need to be milled into grits or flour after polishing.


    4. Rice and grain processing equipment’s milling equipment

    The grain milling machines are divided into grits milling machine or flour milling machine. Among the grits milling machine, there are different types for processing different size grits. Large size, medium size and small size grits also can be produced with one milling machine. The principle is too long to explain.


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